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The California Capitol Venue Coalition may be new, but progress is coming our way fast. There are new updates concerning our fight to keep independent, live entertainment venues alive in Sacramento nearly every day. One of our main focuses right now is becoming an official 501(3)(c) nonprofit as recognized by the federal government, but we have yet to fully get there. Soon, your donations to us will not only benefit our venues, but you’ll be able to use your donation as a tax write-off.

In the meantime, it would be of tremendous help if you all were able to donate to our cause now. Government subsidies and grants are what we are truly after, but a little extra from the community can mean a world of difference.

We know how important these establishments are to you and we are doing every single thing we can to ensure their survival. We’re here to #saveourstages and we will be doing just that! 


If you are unable to view our GoFundMe link below, click here.

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